Erotic services in Ankara
14 Oct 2020

I’m a rough and tumble gal, but I’m also a nerdy, giggling delight at my core (really, let’s talk star trek, crush it in Halo, or have a game of MtG!). Laughter and sharing jokes is one of my biggest turn ons.

I would love to show you around town while we get to know each other, take you away from your daily stresses, and spend an afternoon exploring each other, mind body and soul. If that sounds like a fun way to spend some time, reach out via email! I screen my potential dates and would love to hear from you with screening info as well as a little information about yourself and some discreet information about what you’ve got in mind for our adventures together!

I love new experiences and adventures. Trying new things, whether that’s skydiving or a new restaurant, always excites me! And what’s better after a new adventure than relaxing in a warm bubble bath?

I love to engage my mind with books about sex in Ankara, ballet performances, and museum trips. I enjoy giving in to my senses with islay scotch (the peatier and smokier the better), and Indian food. And I indulge my spirit with shared connections, cuddling, and laughter.